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Yes, there was iPhone 5s coverage

Latest Apple iPhone has fingerprint reader for added security.

Latest Apple iPhone has fingerprint reader for added security.

Catching up from a busy week, here are a few stories I wrote about last week’s iPhone 5S announcement.

Ever since smartphones popped up everywhere, I’ve struggled with typing in passwords on tiny virtual keys.  I’ve wondered, must the password box “hide” the letters/numbers while you’re typing, thus making it difficult to see if fat fingers actually typed in the right password? I tweeted to a security expert who said he preferred it this way — prevents people from peeking over your shoulder and straining to see the tiny-little letters you’re typing in. (Really?) Bleh.

So, the new biometrics in the iPhone appeals to me. I’d much rather swipe my finger than type in a password that I may or may not remember.

I dug a bit further into the fingerprint security feature, partly because I remember how terrible fingerprint-reading gadgets were last decade. Unimpressive. The new technology in the iPhone 5s? So far, very impressive.

But I haven’t touched one yet. In a few days, the latest iPhone will be available to anyone who can afford one and we’ll start hearing whether the reality of biometrics for the masses is doable, usable and headed for mainstream (finally).

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