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Apps, Tech & Modern Things founder Howard Lindzon, what a down-to-earth guy

Howard Lindzon, founder

Stock talk flusters me. Even though I’ve been categorized as a business reporter for nearly 20 years (!!), I prefer to ignore capricious stock prices and the constant chatter of CNBC.

So, when I got the assignment to interview Howard Lindzon, who started a Twitter-inspired stock-talk site, I thought, “Oh Twitter, I can do that.”

No, really. Stocks? I set aside several hours to prep and came across this CNBC video. His wry remarks (“I’m wealthy”) amused me so I figured this wouldn’t be too terrible.

Of course it wasn’t. It was exciting to hear how he’s changing the stock investor world, even if I have no interest myself. He seemed like a down-to-earth guy who is passionate about what he does — my type of person. Just like his blog where he writes all about stock and his personal life (turning 47 last month, his kids), he doesn’t hold back. Made me curious to look at what else he’s investing in.

Anyway, read the Q&A at the UT San Diego:

>>StockTwits: Howard Lindzon takes stock talk to new level

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