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Stagnant Disruptors — What happened to these tech trendsetters?

As a nod to TechCrunch’s Disrupt series, I got to thinking about tech companies that changed my life but then slunk away (and, yes, I know there’s already a backlash against the word).

TiVo, Vonage, Movable Type and others all came to mind. We once lived with them and depended on them daily. Now, they’re … not gone, surprise! Well, some of you may be surprised that all three are still around. You may not interact with them anymore but these companies ended up finding some sort of sustainable business route. They may not be changing the world anymore and more often, they are following trends set by others. Nothing too exciting out of them these days, but they’re still plugging along.

This is an update on what happened to these companies and a few other major names of the last decade or so. Some I mourn, most I just want to give a huge nudge and say, “You did it before, change my life again!”

Read the story at TheStreet. As an added bonus, a second story offers a quick glance at companies who changed our lives before and continue to change them today.

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