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Office space and other real projects in San Diego

Office space and commercial development in San DiegoThings I learned about local commercial real estate while helping out UT San Diego’s business staff with a special real estate section:

1. Big companies rarely pick up and move their headquarters to San Diego — it’s too expensive (cost of living, taxes) and it’s a rough state to do business. San Diego, however, tends to attract start-ups, presumably because the founders already live there.

2. Downtown San Diego is making a comeback with several projects in the works by the Corky McMillin Cos. and Lankford & Associates.

3. There’s a Trader Joe’s west of the airport! It’s over at Liberty Station, a mixed use project with office buildings, shopping and schools. Developers Corky McMillin are now working on a similar project in Chula Vista called Millenia.

The UT San Diego published a special section on Sunday (3/17/2013) filled with stories about the market. The market is improving from its low a few years ago, but there’s still room for lots of recovery.  I contributed a few Q&As and profiles on local developers and professionals. Check them out:


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