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Modern in Denver Spring 2014 coverThe new issue of Modern in Denver is out! Actually, it’s been out since March but I’m just getting around to mentioning it here.  I wrote a feature story for the Spring 2014 issue on one of my favorite topics: Tech gadgets! Some may even make you a bit smarter.

With the explosion of apps, smartphones and Bluetooth Smart (the proper way to say it, according to the SIG), pretty much everything can go online to “get smarter.” Sure, many items in the home have had this ability for years — refrigerators, heating systems, sprinklers…  But, of course, today’s smartness revolves around the modernly mobile computer — the one you carry in your hands. To some, smartphones are more important than your wallet.

People are putting smartness in basketballs, baby bibs and forks! I like the idea of checking whether my front door is locked when I’m away from home. Or having the lights turn themselves off when I leave the house. Or letting my keys find me when I can’t find them. My major qualm with this smart explosion is bothering to use the multiple smartphone apps to control my door lock, heater, washing machine, toaster and coffee machine.

Am I just lazy? (Spoiler: I do explore a few devices/technologies that tackle that problem.)

Read the story via PDF:  Simply Smart (published in Modern in Denver, Spring 2014)

And don’t forget to check out my regular contribution, “Field Study,” which spotlights a handful of new modern objects we would all love to have.


You can pick up the magazine at Denver-area Tattered Covers, Whole Foods and a few other outlets for another month. Ping me if you’re searching for a copy.

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