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How to get a fabulous Mid Century Modern house and landscape? DIY. Mostly.

Ever since I bought my very own house 2.5 years ago, I cannot get enough of outdoor living. This is especially ironic  having spent the entire last decade living blocks from the beach in California without planting a thing or swimming in the ocean.

I live in Denver now where it’s too cold (for me) to spend much time outdoors between mid-September to mid-May. But during those short summer months, I’m enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. We ate outside on our patio nightly. My kid and I would sit for hours underneath the crab-apple tree and play with rocks. For those who follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen pictures of my unbelievably abundant vegetable garden (yes, laugh all you want my old friends who know that I inadvertantly killed cacti). And last summer, we landscaped the front yard with our very own hands — and lots of rocks. Tons. And these excellent simple, modern, rectangular pavers. Goes nicely with our mid-century house.

Landscaping, outdoor accessories and accouterments get me excited. It’s pretty much the only topic I care to pin on Pinterest.

So, when the editors of Modern in Denver gave me the chance to write for the Fall 2012 issue about a back-of-the-house remodel in Arapahoe Acres (to non-Denverites, this is the best-known Mid-Century neighborhood around) , I finally broke away from the usual “Field Study” and did my first cover story. I could barely stop drooling at what Tom & Darice Henritze did to their distinctive home. Complete and utterly amazing modern remodel. So *jealous*

The issue published in September so forgive the delay. I’ve uploaded a PDF of the story: Now Open: An Arapahoe Acres modern remodel if you want to read it (and view the lovely photos) yourself. Enjoy!

For those counting, I also continued my regular gig of providing wordage for Field Study. Check it out: 16 objects of great design



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