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How recruiters think and other job tips

10600496_837449519621597_3127249337294903816_nIf you’ve ever applied for a job you spotted online, you know the agony. Did I have the right key words? Am I one of hundreds, no, thousands of applicants? Did someone even look at my resume?

And then the agony goes away because after your umpteenth application, you stop wondering. You just submit the same old resume and cover letter, changing little if anything.

Don’t get like that. Recruiters I interviewed for a Labor Day job series in the U-T San Diego newspaper, were adamant that yes, they look at every, single application (though some more briefly than others). They focus on the resume and want to mostly know this: Are you qualified?

I contributed several stories to the U-T’s special section but one of my favorites was interviewing local recruiters — the first eyes on an applicant’s resume. If they like what they see, they move it on to the position’s hiring manager. So, how do you get past that first step? Take a look at my stories (and other ones that were also quite helpful):


More from the series:

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