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Guess what? People are still buying PCs!

Happy girl on a PC (desktop, no less!)Everyone who reads my latest set of stories for TheStreet, will likely be someone who still uses a computer  everyday. Or at least every few days. Or maybe once a week?

PCs may not (arguably) be the go-to device to check email or Facebook likes every hour. But we still need them, we still use them and we still buy them. While tablets are obviously extremely popular (the same readers probably have either an iPad, Kindle or Nook), what we do there is often different from what we do on a PC. I, for one, read a lot of magazines and books on my Kindle Fire. I don’t remember ever reading books or magazines on my laptop.

I hate surfing the web on my iPad or Kindle though. Some sites just don’t load properly on the smaller screens. And I can’t imagine living without browser tabs so I can easily move from open page to open page. Using a virtual keyboard will always come in second if a real keyboard is available. Typing stories on my smartphone? That would be unproductive.

While there are many wonderful, useful apps, tablets and smartphones as they exist today won’t replace my laptop (and aging desktop). Maybe my kid won’t know what a laptop is when she hits high school in 10 years but for now, laptops continue to be the go-to device for productivity.

Dell XPS12 Ultrabook

Tempting… Dell XPS12 Ultrabook

If you are in the market for a new one, don’t count out the reinvented convertibles, which are laptops whose keyboard flips behind the screen to offer a nice, slim touchscreen tablet (remember earlier generations, circa 2007?).

There also apparently is still growth in the desktop market with sleek all-in-one PCs like the iMac and so many other PC imitators.  A few new things to look for in upcoming months: fourth-generation Intel Core chips, out by July; a possible service-pack update to Windows 8; and higher-resolution screens.

Read the stories, both published on on May 3, 2013:

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