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Camera phone apps that tackle chores

Whenever I think, “Let someone else do it,” I think of The Simpson’s episode when Homer takes over as sanitation commissioner and cleans up every piece of trash in the city for a whole 24 hours. Then the funds run out.

But I guess back then, there just wasn’t an app for that! There’s now a variety of apps that do enable people to get chores done without too much effort. I explore some of these apps in my latest piece for “Camera Phone Apps that Tackle Chores

Apps mentioned:

  • Get rid of junk mail: PaperKarmaCatalog Choice
  • Apply for auto insurance: Progressive Insurance’s; State Farm’sPocket Agent app uses camera to submit photos of car damage.
  • Deposit a check: Various banks
  • Pay a bill: Balance Financial is one of the few that let customers skip typing by taking a picture of a bill. Mitek also offers the feature, called Mobile Photo Bill Pay.
  • Fill a prescription: Various pharmacies
  • Track receipts/expenses:  Expensify

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