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After the Crowds Leave: The post-Kickstarter ecosystem

Crowdfunding has fascinated the tech crowds for the past few years. But it was really 2012 when crowdfunding broke through the early-adopter niche. This year, best-known saw its first million-dollar crowdfunded campaign. And then it saw 12 more. Make that 14. Hard to keep track because there now seems to always be a Kickstarter campaign about to hit the million-dollar mark. Last month, Kickstarter also began adding restrictions who can run a campaign after serious criticism on the successful campaigns that failed to deliver.

While I’m not a creator and have no desire to run a crowdfunding campaign myself, I wondered where do these creators turn to when they get 10-times the orders expected? Well, the good news for them is that they don’t have to go very far. Kickstarter, especially, is becoming so well known that manufacturers, distributors, shippers and retailers are reaching out to campaigns that are successful — especially on their first day. Here’s a look at some of the Kickstarter ecosystem that sprouted because of the major successes.

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>>After the Crowds Leave: Finding the Post-Kickstarter Ecosystem

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