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About 50 percent of U.S. still doesn’t have a smartphone

Pantech’s Flex simplified the smartphone’s home screen to appeal to first timers.

I’ve tried and tested many, many mobile apps. And I’ve written several round ups.

But at some point this year, I wondered how many people care about mobile apps and smartphones? It always surprises me when a friend pulls out a non-smartphone. And I know more than a few people who do so and could care less about mobile apps. How many people really do have a smartphone?

I tackled this topic in my latest stories for The answer: A growing number for sure. Some estimate smartphone users are at less than 50 percent of the nation’s population. Others put it over 50 percent. One analyst even told me that even when smartphones are prolific, about 25 percent of the population won’t have or want one. Of course, that figure includes children who probably shouldn’t have one. And seniors who don’t want to bother with the higher fees, the complexity and being connected all the time.

But smartphones are where we are headed. In the first quarter this year, smartphones out shipped cellphones for the first time, according to market researcher IDC. While some believe there will always be a flip phone or feature phone available, the smartphone’s cost and service fees are coming down. Maybe someday soon, owning a smartphone will be cheaper than owning a cellphone.

Read the stories at TheStreet (published 5/24/2013):

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