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8 apps to tweak Android’s Wi-Fi to perfection

Wi-Fi has always been near and dear to me. I remember my first blue-purple Linksys router and using the wireless technology before it was even named Wi-Fi. Back then, we called it 802.11b. Then I started writing about it and suddenly Wi-Fi was everywhere (short for Wireless Fidelity and so named by the official product-certification organization, hence the capital W and capital F with the hyphen in between).

Next came the much faster 802.11A and then today’s standard 802.11N, which was finally approved in 2009. There really hasn’t been a significant technology change since.

I use it daily. And as I work at home and roam from one access point to another, I’ve realized there’s got to be a better way to use Wi-Fi. I’d move from one room to another and be stuck using the wireless connection in the first room. Why couldn’t my phone automatically detect the stronger signal and switch me? Well, I found an app for that. While I was researching it, I found several other Wi-Fi apps that can tweak your Android phone to get the best signal possible. And without much effort once you’ve set it.

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I don’t recommend using all of these simultaneously, otherwise the “Keep Wi-Fi on” app will defeat the purpose of the “conserve battery” apps. Just pick and choose what you need.

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