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5 Radically Different Smartphone Plans

Thank goodness for competition. And innovation. And all the new mobile-service companies sprouting up to give the old guard something to worry about.

I’m always searching for cheaper and better service (ie: more data) for my own family so I was pleasantly surprised to  find these newcomers are changing the way business is done. And I wrote a story about it for TheStreet.

For the most part, there are no long-term contracts and monthly prices are cheaper. On the other hand, a limited number of smartphones are available per company and you typically will have to buy a phone from that company. Some have major minute and megabyte limits. Then again, some offer plans that are zero dollars per month. That’s right — free. Others rely on a hybrid model, encouraging users to use available Wi-Fi service to offset cellular use.

The other nice thing about the newbies, they are flexible and changing. When I wrote this story last month, Republic Wireless, which sold a standard $19.99/month membership, was about to start offering different tiers because it felt that some users really shouldn’t be paying that much (okay, that may have just been their spin). Now, they also offer a $5/month Wi-Fi-only plan for unlimited text, talk and data.

The five contenders are:

  • FreedomPop, which touts free, limited service plus refurbished smartphones
  • Scratch Wireless, which is free if you only use Wi-Fi to make calls
  • Republic Wireless, a hybrid offering unlimited 4G service for $40/month
  • Zact Mobile, for people who never quite use up all their monthly allotment (the company credits your next month’s bill)
  • Ting, where you pay for what you used in a month.

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