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11 Household Objects That Just Got Smarter

Rachio Iro sprinkler

Rachio’s Iro sprinkler is controlled from a smartphone.

When technology works for you, there’s no way of going back to your previous life.

It’s like me and my Prius. Ya, ya, the Prius gets great gas mileage. But that keyless entry and start button is something I will insist on having in all my future cars. I never take my key out of my purse ever to unlock the car and start the engine.

Now that similar technology is becoming widely available for front doors, I’m planning to convert soon and get a keyless lock installed. With today’s keyless technology, you no longer need to carry the key in your pocket anymore. You just need your smartphone (and who doesn’t leave the house without it?)

While exploring several smartphone-based keyless locks, I noticed that it’s not just doors getting into the Internet of Things.   Sprinklers, coffeemakers, vacuum cleaners and garage door openers are all getting their own Internet and mobile apps so these household devices can be controlled from afar.

I’m sure there are more than 11 household items out there that are getting smarter, but here’s a round-up of what I found for a recent story:

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